Carnegie Library of Trinidad, Colorado


Welcome to our digital newsletter!

In the past few years, we always had a hard-copy newsletter available for our patrons. It included a full daily schedule plus articles on important events. Originally published monthly, we then went to an 8-page quarterly version. Our cost for printing just one copy of the quarterly newsletter was 4 dollars! 

We have always created a digital version of those newsletters and sent them to a wider and wider audience of patrons via email. Now we have evolved into a newer, lower-cost strategy that's much easier on the environment:

  • A monthly version of the newsletter is now available. We will update it regularly, so it will always cover at least thirty days of upcoming events. To download a pdf version of the current newsletter, just click on this link: December Newsletter
  • For patrons who do not have access to our website, we will provide a printed copy on request using our curbside service.
  • If you want to automatically receive updated digital copies of the monthly newsletter by email, email Tom Potter at