Carnegie Library of Trinidad, Colorado

Homebound Library-By-Mail


Bringing the Library to you!

Who is eligible for this service?

Patrons of the Carnegie Public Library in Trinidad & Las Animas County who are homebound and unable to travel to the library due to health or other constraints.

How many items can I checkout ?

You may have up to 10 items checked out per month. We recommend that you check out a month’s worth of materials since mailings occur one time per month.

How long can I keep materials?

Library-By-Mail offers a 3-week checkout for books and audiobooks, 1-week checkout for DVDs. AspenCat & SWIFT may have other rules, but we will work to accommodate.

Can I renew my materials?

Yes, materials can be renewed twice, as long as there are no holds. Please call (719) 846-6841 to renew or use our online catalog

Is there a charge for this service?

No, there is no charge to the library patron and there are no overdue fines. It is free to receive and free to return. The library will pay for all postage.

What about lost or damaged items?

The library will notify you when materials have been lost or damaged. Please let us know if you lose or damage material, as you will be responsible for replacement costs.

How are materials delivered to me?

The United States Postal Service will deliver materials to you in reusable bags.

How do I return materials?

  1. Remove the mailing label with your address (in the To: position) from the clear plastic outside pocket. Then put the enclosed label with the Library’s address (in the To: position), with the postage sticker attached, in the clear plastic outside pocket.
  2. Place the books, DVDs, audiobooks and other library items inside the reusable bag. Use the zip tie to lock the zipper bag.
  3. Place the package where your mail is picked up and postal service will pick up the package free of charge.

How do I order materials?

  • AspenCat Online Catalog : Use to place holds (order books) directly. Simply click login, then enter your library card number and then your last name in lowercase.
  • Complete this form and we will contact you
  • Call: (719) 846-6841
  • Email:
  • Mail or visit us at 202 Animas St., Trinidad, CO 81082

If you do not currently have a library card, we can make one for you with the information that you provide on the application (or by phone if necessary).

We will do our best to fulfill your request!