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Philosophy Café 

A monthly discussion about things philosophic.

Join us for the next meeting on Monday evening, September 13th at 5:00. The topic is: Philosophy of language.

Café regular, Kim Krisco suggested this topic and provided two articles that summarize a history of philosophical thought about language:

Kim’s latest vocation is as a fiction writer, so he no doubt deals continuously with the immense problem of turning ideas into words. The articles enumerate various theories of how language works, paradoxically explaining language using a language. I don’t know about you, but the explanations of these theories are difficult to grasp. Yet with or without these theories, languages do work and continue to evolve.

Because of the very broad nature of this topic, and because Kim is a writer, I would like to limit the discussion to the written word. Kim suggested as a starting point, “the power and limitation” of the written word. Let’s start with those two thoughts [or are they only words?] and we’ll see where the discussion goes from there. It should be fascinating.     —Tom Potter

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