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Philosophy Café 

A monthly discussion about things philosophic.

Join us for the next meeting on Monday evening, February 14th at 5:00. The topic is: Change

This month’s topic was suggested by Philosophy Café regular, Sararose: The Philosophy of Change. She offers the following link, and writes:

“Taking for granted the constancy of change, here is an article titled, My Philosophy of Change.  The author states: ‘My philosophy of change refers to the fundamental concept of one's internal and external environments, and how they collide to create change.’  His ideas are timely, and I think this will be a good article to read to support our conversation.” 

Café founder, Susanne, thought it would be a good chance to throw in some existentialist thought. She is reading Paul Tillich’s, The Courage to Be. According to Tillich, one major source of existential anxiety is change, especially that big, big change we will all go through—death. Tillich believed the antidote to such anxiety is courage, in this case, the courage to allow life to change us. 

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